New age of creating websites

We have advanced into a new world of technology where there is an increasing demand of innovation and new ideas. With the introduction of smartphones like IPhone and Samsung products and other products such as the Ipad, every client demands a mobile version of his website developed. There are a lot of things that need to be considered while doing that such as the screen resolution and it becomes virtually impossible to manage all that. In the field of Web development, we have the solution for that. We have mastered the concept of Responsive web design which deals with these problems and helps to solve them with efficacy.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is basically a technique to make the experience of the user more flexible. It utilizes CSS queries and the use of certain images and scripts to accommodate for the image resolution and other aspects of the website. Moreover, responsive web design not only deals with image resolution but it ascertains that the user has an optimal viewing and navigation on any platform. As you will switch between different platforms, certain changes need to be made such as Image resolution and the image size which need to be acclimatized to the needs of the user and responsive web design helps us with that. We specialize in all its aspects being web designers and our services will ensure that the future of your website is taken into account. The future may hold new inventions and techs which will require proper adjustments to make your website available on them. We will ensure that all such things are taken into account.

Advantages of Responsive web design

Some years ago, the website layouts were thought to be quite flexible, but in reality they weren’t, they could only permit some pixels of flexibility and images could break their whole appearance. With the emergence of Responsive web design; we can employ the use of certain fluid images and fluid grids to ensure that the mobile version of your website can switch between landscape and portrait orientations and other such arrangements quite easily. There are many tactics to create fluid images which may include sliding composite images and other such techniques. Our website developers have in depth knowledge of such techniques and can help you overcome any kind of predicament.

One of the reasons responsive web design is highly essential because it tends to the users so that they are comfortable. We have the best developers that can ensure that the use of responsive web design is done the right way. Whether it is any device, the user can easily navigate through it. The ease of the user is our first priority while designing any website and we incorporate the same principle into responsive web design and give you a product which will benefit you in the long run and also bring a big smile on the face of your customers.

We will make sure that with the help of responsive we design; you can save a lot of your money. We will design you a website that will be functional in all kinds of devices. This will not cause you all the trouble of making two separate websites for your desktop and mobile devices. As we all know, two websites cost more than one and with the help of our use of this technology, you’ll have a single website which will be quite cost effective. This will also give you the added bonus of attracting more traffic. If you have two websites the traffic will divagate to two different roads. This will alleviate your SEO efforts. We will ensure that all the above things are shrewdly used to ensure a cosmopolitan website for you.

With the help of Responsive web design, we will make sure that the manageability of your website is quite easy. In the absence of responsive web design, you will have to design two different websites and managing will require double the time. You will also have to appoint two different SEO campaigns to manage them and that will lead to more problems.

We will ensure a unified design approach with the help of responsive web design. This will achieve a lot of things for you on the business front. Your customers will be more used to the navigation on every device because the functionality of your website will be almost identical on all sorts of devices. This consistent design of your wesite will ensure that you have superior conversion rates and a large number of sales. We will make sure that your business benefits from our services and we will develop your website to reach the above mentioned goals.

The site which we will develop employing the fundamentals of responsive web design is highly endorsed by Google. Google appreciates sites which work on the responsive web design approach. It is easy for Google to index them in its search query and it also provides it with certain other benefits. If we help you develop your website through this approach then your website has a higher probability of appearing on the first page of Google search results and this will mean more traffic for you.

The website which we will develop will also provide an offline browsing experience. This will utilize the HTML5 which is being increasingly used in smartphones and other similar devices. The HTML5 is a part of responsive web design and enables to save web pages so that they can be accessed on the go. You can easily open them in the absence of an internet connection and extract all the data you want from it.

Cross Browser Testing

One of our specialties is cross browser testing. Browsers have different functionalities and different permissions. They allow certain things to operate on certain platforms and at the same time constrict their usage in others. For example some of the features of Safari are fully functional on the mac but not on the windows. This creates a kind of difficulty for users and they are left stranded in such situations. It is necessary that the cross bowser testing is done in order to ensure such limitations do not arise while developing applications.

A client who wants that his website has a professional outlook and proper functionality, then the cross browser technology is substantial to such desires. Many of the constituents or components of applications may include Java, Flash and other similar parts. They have different adaptability in different browsers and therefore cross browser testing becomes indispensable for them to work in all environments. We will use this technology to ensure that your website meets all the latest trends.

The first thing to be aware while using cross browser technology is to be aware of a number of functions that the application must perform and then while analyzing all that data , make a checklist. There are certain tools we have on our disposal that can help us achieve this objective but they have certain limitations. They can’t extract certain constraints which only our people can. We have a work environment here that provides a perfect mix of the two to ensure everything is scrutinized and nothing is left out. After making a checklist, we will test them under different browsers and ascertain that all the components of the application are functional in all sorts of browsers. If some parts of the application are not working in a certain browser, we will try to fix that.

After all such applications which are being used on your website, we will see how your website performs in different browsers. There are certain tools we can use to make sure that your website shows optimal functionality in all kinds of browsers.

Cross browser technology also helps us to check the working of your website on different platforms. Smartphones are all the talk now days and different smartphones have different browsers. This means that you have to ensure that your site gives the best user experience on all sorts of mobile based browsers. We can use the Cross browser technology to ensure that you achieve all that.


Responsive web design is one of the needs of the future. Without it you are not only limiting the life of your website but you are also endangering it. If you use antiquated methods of web design then it will be hazardous for you because they may be futile in the new-era. We know that the future is a flexible web design that can change its shape like a fluid for all sorts of adaptation. If it does not have that ability, then its survival rate is very low.

We design websites in the Edinburgh Scotland locality and our main objective is to ensure the customers happiness. We utilize responsive web design and cross browsing technology to give you a durable product and our services are peerless as compared to our rivals. We have a great reputation for the work we provide. The basic tenant of our work is perfection. We here in our workspace only settle for perfection. We also tend to the queries of our customers quite promptly. If you have any problems regarding our web design then you can contact us. We are more than happy to spend time with customers and help them solve the problems which are disturbing them.

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